Company Information

FlexGuard®, as formulator and producer of polyurea systems, is a systemhouse that opened up the market for the concept of 'Polyurea Hotspray Technology' in the Benelux.

The activities of FlexGuard® are focused at the development, the formulation and production of hotspray 'Pure Polyurea' products, supplemented with primers and top coats adjusted for use with hotspray coatings, in order to be able to offer complete systems.

Next to its products program, FlexGuard® offers its expertise in the shape of training for starting applicators as well as application follow-out in order to complete projects successfully.

Among the FlexGuard®'s strongholders have always been its quality and applicator oriented support.

As pioneer and founding member of the PDA Europe, FlexGuard® will always have a leading part in the world of polyurea.