Polyurea ?

The concept of 'Polyurea Spray Elastomer Technology' was introduced about twenty years ago by chemists at Texaco Chemical Company (now Huntsman LLC) in Austin, Texas.

This new application was based upon the reaction of an isocyanate component with an amine blend to produce a polyurea elastomer system.
This catalyst-free isocyanate/amine reaction is very rapid – usual working times (gel times) is within a few seconds – and thus requires specialized two-component high pressure mixing and application equipment.

This reactionspeed is a key advantage of polyurea spray coatings as it is fast, predictable and consistent.

Making a comparison with polyurethane and hybrid coating systems would make little sense because of their tight processing parameters such as temperature and humidity ranges and the requirement of high catalyst packages, solvents, ...

As a pioneer in the Benelux FlexGuard® has developped a range of pure polyurea formulations, ElastoGuard®, for a wide range of applications with the cooperation of the inventors of the concept polyurea spray elastomer technology.